Midwest Landscapes takes great pride in providing a product that stands the test of time. However, we realize that there are times that items need attention, service or warranty work. If you are unsure about whether your new plantings are experiencing transplant shock or are actively declining, PLEASE FILL OUT THE WARRANTY REQUEST FORM BELOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, not waiting until the plant(s) are completely dead.

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Don't worry if it is 6 months until winter or spring, we'll get it put on the calendar and call you when it gets closer.


Irrigation Issue:

Please provide a description of your problem. Be as detailed as possible so that we can properly assess your problem and allow for the proper time to make the repairs needed.

  • The system runs at the wrong times.
  • A head is broken.
  • One area stays wet all the time.

When we come out to service your irrigation system our technicians will need access to your control clock and the water shut-off. It is also helpful if you mark the problem area or sprinkler head.

Landscape Issue:

Please provide a description of the items to be inspected for repair or replacement. Please be as specific as possible regarding the quantities and names of plants. If you are unsure about the name or type of plant, see below for instructions on submitting a photo.

Where on your property is the problem located? If there is more than one issue or item that you'd like for us to look at, please provide locations of all items.

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Please add any details/information that you feel is relevant to your request.


To submit a photo of the Warranty item, please email image to service@midwestlandscapes.com.

We will send a project manager out to inspect your warranty request and will contact you with information/recommendations. A work order/proposal will be sent to you for approval before any work is performed.

For general diagnosis and any necessary repairs, I understand and agree that a $75 per man hour, plus retail material charges may be invoiced to me if it is determined that my request is not covered by Midwest Landscapes' limited warranty. Typical charges may vary and range from $150 to $270+ for a requested site visit and repair.

For our complete warranty policy, please click here.

I agree to the above terms*

You will probably hear from us within a few business days. However, should we not respond or resolve these issues in a timely or appropriate manner, please do not hesitate to call and personally inquire by phone (763) 241-1320 ext. 104.

We were particularly impressed with Midwest Landscapes performance on the Select Comfort Corporate Headquarters project.  As their first project with me, it was certainly an exceptional way to introduce their company. Pricing was competitive, accurate and complete. Responsiveness from the office was timely and thorough. The field actually exceeded our schedule, and the quality of work was very good. We look forward to similar future experiences with Midwest Landscapes.

Rich Kauffman, Project Manager, Gatlin Development
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